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Get daily, automated backups of your Zoho CRM leads, deals and activities.

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Protect your deals

Against deletion by human mistakes or disgruntled employees.

Ensure business continuity

By having access to your data during service outages & worst-case scenarios.

Be in control of your data

Access & export account-level data such as accounts, modules and files.

Why back up Zho CRM?

Zoho offers a basic archive & trash system, but deleted records are permanently deleted after 60 days.

Pro Backup gives you extra flexibility to compare, recover & restore single records or files and to look up specific info such as blueprints.

Back up my CRM ➜

Easy to use.

Set up a connection with Zoho and we take care of everything else. Having your backups up & running only takes 1 minute.

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If a lead, deal or activity was deleted by accident, or you want to back to a previous version, you can do that with a few simple clicks.

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We store your data in encrypted files. We store everything in the EU and we’re compliant with all GDPR laws.

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We can sync your backups to a Google drive folder where you can access your data in easy readable spreadsheets. If Zoho would be offline, you can still see your data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here some of the most frequently asked questions. Visit our Help Center for more info.

Q.Do I need a license for every team member?

A. You don't need to buy a license for every team member. You only need one license to back up your team's data, but we can only back up the workspaces that you have access to. Therefore we recommend that you sign up with the account of an admin user who has access to all workspace.

Q.How safe is my data?

A. The backups and the access tokens are secured with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) using 256-bit encryption key. Applying the best practices of Encryption methods, we use a different initialization vector for every record, meaning it is virtually impossible to extract the data via reversed engineering.

Q.How often do you back up my data?

A. Once you have completed the onboarding process, we will automatically back up your data (incl. all relevant data types) once every 24 hours. There is no further scheduling required from your side.

Q.How can I access my backup?

A. You can access your backup on two ways: 1) through the user interface by downloading the snapshots of your projects or tables 2) through the secured Google Drive folder where most of your backed up data will be available in readable Google Sheet documents.

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For individuals and teams who want to back up the essentials


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Sync to Google Sheets

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For teams and companies who use Zoho CRM intensively


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billed annually

Everything in Light, and:

Daily backup

50GB of Storage





For those who want an all-in-one & complete backup solution


Per Month,
billed annually

Everything in Plus, and:

250GB of Storage


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