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Protect your Asana

Get daily, automated backups of your Asana tasks, files & comments.

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Protect your tasks

Against deletion by human mistakes or disgruntled employees.

Ensure business continuity

During service outages & worst-case scenarios.

Be legally compliant

With data privacy laws by ensuring access to personal data.

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Pro Backup
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See how you and your team can benefit from backing up your Asana accounts.

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Best backup app for Asana

Setup takes only 1 minute

Automated backup, once every 24 hours

Captures all of your Asana data, files and comments

Stored with military grade encryption

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Access and download your backup

Daily sync of your backup to a secured Google Drive folder

Option to download your Asana data locally

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For indiviuals and teams who want to back up the essentials


Per Month,
billed annually

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Back up all essential data:

βœ“ Weekly backup

βœ“ Unlimited users

βœ“ Access via Google Drive

βœ“ All projects & tasks

βœ“ Comments

βœ“ Views


For teams and companies who use Asana intensively


Per Month,
billed annually

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Everyting in Light, and:

βœ“ Daily backup

βœ“ Attachments (up to 50GB)

βœ“ Custom Fields

βœ“ Forms

βœ“ Rules


For teams and companies who want an all-in-one & complete backup solution


Per Month,
billed annually

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Everyting in Plus, and:

βœ“ Attachments (up to 250GB)

βœ“ Portfolios

βœ“ Goals

βœ“ Approvals

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