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SaaS apps

Advanced integrations

Pro Backup offers a complete & easy-to-use backup solution for popular SaaS apps.

App Specific

All of our integrations make the best use of the available API to back up as many data types as possible. 

Advanced Recovery

We go the extra mile to build next-level restore & recovery capabilities for each SaaS app

Why backup your SaaS apps?

Businesses rely increasingly on SaaS apps to manage their work making them a primary risk.

Recover deleted data

Once a project or a table has been deleted permanently, the SaaS provider can often do very little to restore important meta-data such as comments, files & formulas.

Ensure Business Continuity

If you have critical data stored in the cloud (e.g. billing or contact information) it may damage your business badly if the service is for some reason not accessible.

Access your data

SaaS productivity apps back up their own cloud infrastructure but don’t make account-level, business-critical information available to their users.

Pro Backup offers different features that provide an answer on different use cases.

How do we mitigate these risks?

Advanced Restore/Rollback

Restore deleted data with all relevant meta-data such as comments, files, relationships & formulas. You both restore single items or whole projects.

Google Drive Sync

Always access your data either by exporting snapshots or backup exports or via your secured Google Drive folder.

Comprehensive data backup

Access & export essential data that resides in your account such as custom fields, views, formulas & automations.



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