Scared to lose critical
in image Airtable?

Back up all of your Airtable data, every day, on a simple and secure way.

Get peace of mind

✓ Automated backup once per day

✓ Setup takes only 1 minute

✓ Captures all of your Airtable data, files and blocks

✓ Stored with heavy encryption on AWS

Sync to Google Drive

✓ To make your Airtable Backup accessible for you, we perform a daily & incremental sync to a secured Google Drive folder.

✓ This Google Drive folder can be accessed at any time and contains all of your tables, comments and attachments.

Safety first

Secured with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) using 256-bit encryption key, different initialization vectors & encrypted SSL connectors.

Complete backup

We back up everything: Bases, records & attachments, but also metadata such as blocks, formulas, workflows, comments & revisions.

Easy Recovery

Go beyond Airtable's native recovery capabilities. Save time and eliminate stress with our user friendly backup solution.

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