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Get daily automated backups of your Miro account.
Recover and restore lost boards with just a few clicks. 

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Pro Backup is easy to use.

Back up Miro in minutes!

Connect Miro (or other apps) to Pro Backup and we’ll start backing up in the background.
Pro Backup goes the extra mile and is the most comprehensive backup solution for Miro.

Easily restore data

and undo mistakes.

If a board or other data is deleted by accident or you want to go back to a previous version, restore it with a few simple clicks

Miro Safe

Military Grade Data Security

Gives Peace of Mind.

We store your data in encrypted files. The transfer from Miro to our servers is also fully encrypted with the strongest available TLS encryption.
Your data is stored in Europe. We are fully compliant with the world-renowned EU Privacy and data protection laws.

Loved by our clients

Roman I.
Roman I.
Co-owner, Small-Business
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Reliable and predictable service that makes me feel calmer. Being able to always recover corrupted data is very important. Pro Backup saves all our records and files to Asana in the background. I can see the current status, when and what data is saved, and a simple and straightforward way to recover it.
 Administrator in Publishing
Administrator in Publishing
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Pro Backup is very easy to use and requires very little maintenance after the initial setup is completed. Now I back up all of my Airtable bases every day which would be a pain to do manually.

Only one license needed per organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t need to buy a license for every team member. You only need one license to back up your team’s data, but we can only back up the workspaces that your user account have access to. Therefore we recommend that you sign up with a user account that has access to all relevant data (e.g. workspaces, projects, boards).

The backups and the access tokens are secured with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) using 256-bit encryption key. Applying the best practices of Encryption methods, we use a different initialisation vector for every record, meaning it is virtually impossible to extract the data via reversed engineering. For more info about our Technical & organisational measures we refer to annex 3 of our DPA.

Once you have completed the onboarding process, we will automatically back up your data (incl. all relevant data types) once every 24 hours. There is no further scheduling required from your side.

You can access your backup on two ways: 1) Via the Snapshot feature in the user interface 2) via the data synced to your Google Drive.

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