How it works

Understand the basics of the backup and restore process. 

It starts by giving Pro Backup access to your account

During the onboarding flow you’ll need to grant Pro Backup access to your cloud app. In most cases you will be redirected to a webpage of your cloud app. 

authorize pro backup

Pro Backup uses an API to back up your data

An API is a set of definitions and protocols for building and integrating two software apps. By using the API of the cloud app, Pro Backup is able to securely back up and store your data. Unfortunately the API of each cloud app also introduces restrictions which is why it is often not possible to back up and restore every data type of the cloud app. 

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Pro Backup performs a daily, incremental backup

Each day our backup engine checks which records have been added, updated or deleted and backs up the delta. Pro Backup performs an incremental back up for each data type which means that each record is only counted once. 


Pro Backup dashboard

A snapshot is created each day for each data type

Pro Backup works like a time box where each day a new snapshot of your account is created. Snapshots allows you to not only look up tasks, comments and files, but also configuration info such as custom fields and views. 


Snapshot example

All updates are synced to Google Sheets

In the first step we store your account’s data with heavy encryption on our servers. In addition to that we also offer the option to sync your backup to your Google Drive. Each snapshots is synced to a Google Sheet that is updated on a daily basis. 

Google sheets example

Create copies from your backup to your account

For the most relevant data types it is also possible to create copies back to your account. Creating a copy will not overwrite any existing data. Instead it will create a duplicate from your backup. 


Recovery allows you to quickly find deleted items

While Snapshots allow you to look up different backups of your data, recovery allows you to search for records that were deleted from your account. This is useful if you accidentally deleted the wrong record or if you’re afraid that some data has disappeared. 

recovery deleted item

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