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What type of files are included in the backup?

In monday.com you can add files on three different ways to your account and unfortunately we are not able to back up all of them. In this help article we want to clarify which files are included in the backup scope. 

✅ Files uploaded via a file field

In every board you can add your own custom fields, one of them being the “file” field. Once you have added this field to your board, then you can upload files directly from the board overview

monday.com screenshot

❌ Files uploaded directly to a task

The following data will be restored: 

  • Items with their values
  • Comments

The following data types will not be restored:

  • Files
  • Views
  • Automations
  • The following custom field types: Button, Dependencies, Formulas, Linked boards and mirrored fields, Progress
monday.com screenshot

❌ Files uploaded via a comment

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monday.com screenshot
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