User Interface Basics

The sidebar allows you to navigate to the following key features of Pro Backup. 


On the Status page you will find the following data: 

  • tiles with the totals of 6 selected data types, these data types will be different for each integration. 
  • timer that indicates when the next backup will start. Every 24 hours we perform an incremental backup of your account.
  • The total storage usage, this includes the storage used for your attachments as well as the records.
  • A status overview of the backups that have happened in the last few days and their statuses.
  • tree view with clickable nodes that show you which workspaces & projects are being backed up. 
UI: Sidebar


When you click on ‘Snapshots‘ you will see the list of data types that we back up. Each day we create a new snapshot for each of these data types. Click on the data type to access its snapshots. 

On the snapshot page you can select the relevant data set (e.g. workspace, project, folder) and the date of your snapshot. 

On the result page you can download the table to a CSV file. For some data types it is also possible to create a copy of your snapshot back to your account. In this case you first need to select the relevant records and click on ‘Create copy‘. This a


Recover allows you to recover records that were permanently deleted from your account. When you click on ‘Recover‘ you will see the list of data types for which we receive deletion webhooks from the app. Click on the relevant data type to recover its deleted records. 

The recover page is similar to the snapshot page: You can select the relevant data set (e.g. workspace, project, folder) and choose the date range when your data is deleted.  

On the result page you can select the records that you want to restore and click on ‘Create copy‘. This action will create new records in your account and will never overwrite any existing data. 

Google Drive

Pro Backup backs up & stores your data with heavy encryption on our own servers. In order to make this backup better accessible to you we also sync a copy of your backed up data to a secured Google Drive folder. This Google Drive folder resides within our Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) account.


Here you can select which workspaces you would like to exclude from your backup. You can also choose how often you want to receive a status email from Pro Backup and sync your data backups to your Google Drive.


Here you can purchase a paid license for Pro Backup. A offer a free trial of 7 days that automatically expires at the end of your trial. 

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