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Setting up your first backup

Setting up your backup for each integration consists of 4 steps. Depending on the integration, the onboarding might slightly change in order to meet the requirements of the cloud app. In all cases, the onboarding should be a quick & intuitive process. 

To get started go to sign up page and click on the Cloud app for which you would like to set up a backup. 

a) Welcome

In the first step you need to fill in your email and confirm to our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy. This way we can still reach out to you in case you were not able to complete the onboarding process.

Onboarding: Welcome

b) Connect

In this step you will need to login to your account to Authorize Pro Backup. If you’re logged in to the account of your cloud app, then you will be redirect to the authorization page. If you’re not yet logged in, then you will need to log in first. 

Onboarding: Connect

c) Scope

In this step you can select which workspaces you want to include in the scope of your backup. If the cloud app does not structure their data with workspaces or teams we will automatically select your account. 

Onboarding: Scope

d) Confirm

In the last step you can choose whether you want to enable or disable the sync to Google Drive. Our backup app will back up all of your data and metadata with heavy encryption to our servers. But, to make your backed up data even more accessible to you, we also offer the option to sync a light copy of your backup to a secured Google Drive folder. 

Onboarding: Confirm
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