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Daily, automated backup

Pro Backup offers daily, automated backup of your account. Here’s what you need to know about how we back up your data: 

  • Daily: We back up all of your data once every 24 hours. The backup process itself is spread over a few hours to ensure a stable & robust backup process. Our backup engine will for example double check if all new records were backed up and re-try if an API call has failed. 
  • Automated: The scheduling of the backup is fully automated and cannot be changed. The reason for this is twofold: This way there are less steps required from our users which creates a quick and pleasant onboarding experience. Secondly, this gives us also the option to better plan and spread out the backup activities across our user base.
  • Incremental: Each backup cycle our engine will check which records have been added, edited and deleted and pull in the necessary changes. This means that we don’t perform a complete backup from scratch everyday but we will only add the delta. 
  • Scope: For security reasons we can only back up the data that your account has access to. We therefore recommend using an admin account that has access to all relevant workspaces, projects or modules. 
  • Data types: Some data types are not made available in the API of the cloud app. This means that there are certain data types that we cannot back up or restore. We recommend checking out the Integrations section to learn what Pro Backup can backup and restore for each cloud app. 
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