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Karen shares her thoughts on how Covid19 might the way companies work. 

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Shift to digital?

Working from home during covid-19 did have some advantages. With commute time being reduced to 10 seconds, depending on how fast you can get from your bed to your desk, brushing your teeth beforehand becoming completely optional, knowing that no one will smell your coffee breath during meetings, and the all-time availability to open the door for your Amazon delivery person, it can be hard to get excited going back to the workplace.

While there are clearly some great pro’s coming from working remotely, a Microsoft report from 2021 indicates that 67 percent of workers are craving more in-person time with their teams. Let’s be real here: catching up on the latest office gossip isn’t the same when you’re not standing together around the water cooler. Also: who’s going to create office gossip when there is no one at the office to do interesting stuff?

Employees want the best of both worlds: they want to be able to go to the office and have the necessary social interactions, but also the liberty of working from home when it suits them. Or when it doesn’t suit them. So they can send it back. See what I did there? 

Towards a hybrid work model

Businesses are thus expected to offer options. According to the same Microsoft report, 66% of leaders say their company is taking actions in making the workplace suitable for hybrid work.

A blended model, with some employees working from home when others return to the office, becomes the challenge companies

What does that mean for Pro Backup?

With people working from different locations, in different time zones and with different work schedules, more and more organizations turn to cloud apps to collaborate.

This is where the importance of back up solutions like Pro Backup becomes apparent. With an expected growth of 18.4% in end-users paying for cloud services, the need for a suitable back up app is undeniable. This way, even when you accidentally delete your shared workspace instead of your online shopping cart, you can retrieve it in no time, and no one needs to know.

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