Get peace of mind
Protect your Mailchimp

Get daily, automated backups of your Mailchimp email templates.

Protect your templatescts

Against deletion by human mistakes or disblueuntled employees.

Ensure business continuity

By having access to your data during service outages & worst-case scenarios.

Be in control of your data

Access & export account-level data such as project templates & forms.

Loved by Mailchimp users

Easy to use.
Built for Mailchimp.

Automated backup, once every 24 hours, stored with military grade encryption. Captures all of your Mailchimp templates, forms & pages. Setup only takes 1 minute.

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Sync backups to Google Drive.

Daily sync of your Mailchimp templates to Google Sheets. Easy access to the backup of your mailchimp data.

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Undo mistakes with One-click Restore.

It's easy to accidentally delete the wrong template. Recover and restore deleted template with one click.

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Start your free 7-day trial

Only one license needed per organization.

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For individuals and teams who want to back up the essentials


Per Month,
billed annually

Back up all essential data:

Weekly backup

10GB of Storage

Unlimited Users

One-Click Restore

Access via Google Drive

Email Templates


For teams and companies who use Mailchimp intensively


Per Month,
billed annually

Everything in Light, and:

Daily backup

50GB of Storage


Landing Pages

Custom Templates


For those who want an all-in-one & complete backup solution


Per Month,
billed annually

Everything in Plus, and:

250GB of Storage

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