Can I move the Google Drive folder to another location?

When you connect your Google Workspace account with Pro Backup, we create a new folder in your Google Drive in the top level.  It is possible to move this folder to another location within your Drive, but please note that:  You should not rename the Google Drive folder You cannot move the folder to another...

Can I back up data from team members?

Because of security and privacy reasons, Pro Backup will only back up the data that your user account has access to. This means that private boards, projects or channels created by team members are not included in the backup scope; regardless of whether you are a system admin or not.  If you wish to back...

Can I back up

Due to technical limitations, we are not able to backup accounts (i.e. accounts that have stored their data on the EU instance of Smartsheet).  We can only back up accounts. 

How to add new bases or workspaces to the backup scope?

To add or remove bases and/or workspaces from the backup scope, follow these steps:  Click on your Avatar in Airtable Click on Integrations Click on Third-party integrations Click on Pro Backup Add the bottom click on Add a base Select the workspaces & bases Click on Save changes

What happens when I restore data?

When you restore a project, a task, etc. Pro Backup will never overwrite or change existing data in your cloud app.  Instead a copy will be recreated from your data backup and added as an extra item.  When possible, all related data will also be restored and linked to the newly created record. This means...

How can I receive my invoices by email?

If you wish to receive your invoices by email, follow these steps:  In the left side bar, click on Billing info Fill in the email address in Billing email Click on Update

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