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Most popular clouds app offer backups of your data, but they are often limited in their scope & functionality:

  • Their trash or bin system only keeps deleted records for a short amount of time. After this period – usually 25 or 30 days – the records are permanently deleted from your account. 
  • Their export functionality does not allow you to export metadata such as comments, views, formulas, project templates or automations. 

By using Pro Backup you get more control over the data types that you can backup & restore. Below we will describe 3 use cases that show you why having a redundant & independent backup of your cloud data is essential. 

1. Losing critical data

  • The authorization of Pro Backup will happen solely through the public API of Airtable. This means that the Chrome extension will be phased out in the next few weeks. 
  • We will able to add better backup and restore capabilities such as one-click restore for tables
  • Unfortunately the public API of Airtable does not (yet) allow to back up automations & views. As a result these two data types will be excluded from the backup scope. As soon as this made possible, we will of course backup these data types. 

2. Cyber Attacks

Not only does it cover a wide arrange of scenarios, but good reporting on cyber attacks is hard to find: Companies often don’t know they have been hacked or have a clear incentive not to make it public. 

3. Disrupted availability

If you have critical data stored in a cloud app it may damage your business badly if this app is for some reason not accessible. 

For these cases you could access your data both via our Snapshot feature and by accessing it through Google Drive. 

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